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Wooot~ Here we go again!

Hmmm...what should I say in this post?????
Well, basically I'm just saying that this journal is semi f-locked
since I have posted some copyrighted material as well as private entries, so these got to be locked for safety reason...

It's too late to make an introductory post I know, but better late than nothing, no?? Been livejournal-ing since 2005, but made this intro just now.

Okay, I'm Enno, I live in Jakarta-Indonesia -just moved here last December 2010-
I'm tiny, curly, a little bit crazy and tend to get really loud when being excited about something. ^^
My 2 biases are~~

1st - Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN, he was my first love, saw him in Nobuta wo Produce and I thought he was too scrawny for his own good. But I like him nonetheless. Oh, and what do I like the most about him? His hardworking personality!

2nd - Kim Jaejoong from JYJ of Tohoshinki, the devil-like angel. A human should not look THAT perfect, I swear! God must have spent a lot more time in creating such a gorgeous person. He smiles like an angel, he smirks like a devil, he looks good in everything he wears, he cooks, he sings beautifully, he's good with kids.

What would you find in this LJ?

  • My random rambling, my personal thoughts, my fandom life and everything in between that I'm in the mood to write. I'm a rather emotional girl, so you'd probably find some emo stuff right here, well, you could just ignore that.

  • Some subbed videos I sub personally.

  • Some videos, especially from SS501 (MVs, DVDs, Perfs) (Currently not available since Megaupload got confiscated)

  • Some fanfiction I write but haven't managed to finish (I feel really sorry for this)

If you want to find something in my blog, you can always use the tag list, a~nd, if you'd like to add me to your friend list, just kindly introduce a little bit of yourself to me. Umm, I have facebook and twitter account, so maybe we could also chat there??

I think that's all...
Ciao ^^

September 2007
Last edited: February 2011

Bad decision?

Sometimes, many time if I'm being honest. I question myself, whether it was the many bad decisions, wrong choices or pure lack of lucks that caused what I'm feeling right now. A precious friend that I thought should have known me, that I thought should have known the way my mind works, turn out he didn't know me at all. No, it's not about me having any particular feelings for him. I knew from the start that he had a girlfriend who had became his wife by now. I didn't in the slightest ever want him for myself. It's just that...when you have someone you can confide your thoughts in suddenly furthering themselves away, it kind of feels all the friendship, the heated discussions and the mere memories looked so far and ages away.
What I regret was that, he never talked about it, he never asked or even mentioned it. In all honesty that was what hurt the most. And now I lost him as a friend, and I don't think we can go back to how we were before all this happened. 

Addicted to: Crocheting

As a continuation of my post yesterday, I've been buying yarns like crazy hahahaaa...well crocheting can somehow relieve my stress and reduce the level of anxiety (kegalauan) that I have. After my first success ordering from iceyarns.com, I've ordered more yarns from them. Right now I'm waiting for my orders to arrive.

Aside from that, I've also ordered some yarns from Lovelyarn Knits FB and poyenghobby.com. Lovelyarn Knits sells imported yarns such as Red Heart, Rozetti Montana and Aunt Lydia's Choice. Since I needed chunky yarn to make a beanie for a friend (a friend, ehh?), I chose Read Hear Super Soft yarn in navy and cream, the beanie has already been finished weeks ago, I'll probably take the picture and update this post later. Since I also want to try local yarn, I bought some from poyenghobby, their yarn is fairly cheap because I don't have to pay high shipping cost.

Oh, and I find some other local online yarn store again, here they are:

1. http://www.papiputshop.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/PapiputShop?fref=ts

2. http://www.mayacrafts.asia/
They sell high quality local yarn made of acrylic, cotton and wool. I'm planning to order from them, will update this post with a more detail review

3. http://www.iknitsomething.com/
They sell Hayfield Bonus DK yarn. Unfortunately as of now half of their stock are sold out.

They sell Caron Simply Soft yarn and Premier Cotton Fair yarn.

this store probably provide the widest selection of imported yarns in Indonesia, dunno if they'd are selling online, but I'll try to buy from them soon.

https://www.facebook.com/BolaBolaBenang/ or http://www.bolabolabenang.com/
They mostly sell yarns from Turkey like Rozetti Montana, Nako, Himalaya and Alize brand.

they sell chunky yarn from Onzie and some knitting tools


they sell Sirdar yarn, and crochet-knitting tools

I guess that's all for now, I'll update this post again with a picture of si mas' beanie and...probably some review of the yarns I bought.



An old hobby of mine has become a favorite again. Well, I've been crocheting like an old granny now a days. So, as a good crocheter, I've got to find myself some stores that sell good quality yarns at cheap and reasonable price, uh-uhh...
here they are:

1. http://www.iceyarns.com/en
most of my yarns are brought from this site, their prices are the best, it's just too bad they are located in Turkey that shipping price are bound to be expensive, in most of my case they are higher than the price I pay for the yarn. but..even with that shipping price, after some calculation, it's still worth it buying yarns from this site.

2. http://www.loveknitting.com/
this site is based in Europe, it's a UK site I think, they provide international shipping, if you're in Europe you could get free shipping for a certain amount of orders. as for shipping to Indonesia, it's a fix cost of £6.95. pretty good because no matter how many yarns you order, your shipping price will be just that.

from the address you could easily guess it's a UK site, they ship internationally too! Shipping cost to Indonesia is £7.99 per 2kg, uhmm..expensive but...whatever.

international shipping to Indonesia is flat price at £6.95, and they have a pretty good variety of yarns.

while most great yarns come from foreign countries, Indonesia also has some good quality local yarns that can be bought at:
1. Toko Sunflower, Pasar Asemka Jakarta
2. Micky Moko Store, Tebet and AEON Mall Jakarta
3. Lenny's Craft, ITC Kuningan Jakarta

it's too bad I haven't find any good yarn store in Semarang. guess I'll just have to wait for my iceyarns order to arrive then.


mutasi and all that jazz!

Ketika bicara tentang mutasi, instansi tempat saya bekerja memang agak-agak unik. Kalau di instansi lain mutasi diutamakan kembali ke daerah asal, tidak begitu dengan instansi saya. Hampir semua pegawai tidak akan bisa menduga dia akan dimutasi kemana (kecuali orang-orang sakti yg punya line info A1, heheheee...)
Saya sendiri pun, tidak pernah menyangka akan bisa mutasi ke Semarang, mengingat dari awal oleh atasan-atasan di kantor, saya diarahkan untuk tetap bertahan di kantor pusat. Tapi nyatanya, Bapak berhasil membawa saya ke Semarang (walau sejujurnya saya tidak ingin lama-lama di sini, kecuali kalau sukses dapat jodoh di sini, hihihiii...).
Jadilah, ketika 2 orang kakak saya tersayang yaitu mas Agus dan mas Hembrand harus mutasi dari klasifikasi barang ke unit P2, saya yg keki...saya yg kepikiran, gimana masa depan klasifikasi barang tanpa mereka berdua, terutama mas agus. Kalau boleh bercerita, di klasifikasi barang selalu ada figur-figur sentral yg kalau dia tidak ada, pasti akan terasa berbeda. Figur-figur itu adalah mas Taufik dan bu Eha (Kasi), mas Agus, mas Virdi, dan mas Arbi. Bu Eha itu adalah mami kami di klasifikasi, beliau yg mengurusi segala tetek-bengek yg kepala seksi lain gak mau ngurus, beliau ini rajin banget, tegas, pintar dan detail, pokoknya teladan bangetlah buat saya. Mas Taufik, dia dedengkotnya klasifikasi barang, satu-satunya WCO Certified HS Trainer di Indonesia, mas Taufik ini jago banget nggombal, tapi gombalannya berisi, berisi ilmu-ilmu klasifikasi barang maksudnya. Mas Agus, mas Virdi dan mas Arbi, ketiganya adalah pelaksana yg paling jago tentang klasifikasi, mereka inilah mentor-mentor saya yang tiap beberapa menit sekali selalu saya todong dengan segala rupa tanya ini dan itu. Mas Agus itu paling jago masalah database dan klasifikasi batu dan logam, paling care dengan wellbeing kami semua, dan dia ini adalah tempat curhat, tempat bertanya, teman nggosip dan partner terbaik saya untuk membully mas Hembrand.
Saat ini di klasifikasi barang ada beberapa proyek besar yg butuh orang-orang yg tidak hanya pintar, tapi juga orang-orang dengan kepedulian besar. Tahun ini ada AHTN yang dijadwalkan selesai di akhir tahun, tahun depan adalah penyusunan BTKI 2017 lengkap dengan pembebanan tarifnya, selanjutnya ada penyesuaian peraturan menteri tentang tarif klasifikasi berdasarkan FTA sebagai akibat perubahan struktur tarif di BTKI 2017, kemudian masih ada peraturan menteri tentang tata cara pengenaan bea masuk berdasarkan perjanjian internasional yg dulu saya pegang. Dan kesemuanya itu sampai sekarang belum finish, hikzzz...
Saya mengerti bahwa suatu organisasi tidak seharusnya memiliki ketergantungan pada beberapa orang saja, tapiii.......ah, seandainya pejabat-pejabat yang berwenang atas mutasi itu tahu. Memang benar, bahwa klasifikasi barang tetap akan berjalan siapapun orang yang ada di dalamnya, tapi apakah berjalannya lancar, pincang atau malah mungkin jalan di tempat? itu yang masih jadi pertanyaan dan kekhawatiran saya.
Pada akhirnya....tetap saja, siapa sih saya ini? saya tidak punya kuasa untuk meng-undo keputusan mutasi yg sudah dibuat. Saya hanya bisa curhat di blog ini dan berdoa semoga klasifikasi barang tetap akan dipenuhi dengan orang-orang pintar dengan kepedulian tinggi. Karena bagaimanapun dan sampai kapanpun, klasifikasi barang adalah rumah pertama saya, tempat saya berharap suatu saat dapat pulang.
Selamat jalan ya mas masku...barokallaah untuk mutasinya.

me & hobbies

For almost half a year I've been picking up some old hobbies back. Yes I came back to crocheting and...cooking. It wasn't unexpected for crocheting, but it is for cooking :p
I'm good with crochet, but not really so with cooking. I can make simple foods but not the complicated ones. I did some baking when I was still in college, but I didn't quite master the 'otang' yet. It was probably because there wasn't temperature control on it so it's hard to get the right temperature.
Right now, I'm obsessed with no bake cheesecakes and I've been trying to find ingredients to make one myself. But guess what? I couldn't find any creamcheese at the 3 big depaato that I visited, hmphhh!
I probably have to try Carrefour of Hypermart, well let's do it next Wednesday.
Oh...and I still have to post my iceyarns haul that finally arrived at my office last week. Also the kitchenwares I found here in Semarang. I still need to take some photos of things I bought.
Until next time :)


Certainly Not A Longchamp

For the last few days, there is this riot in the forum I hang out frequently. The topic?? Custom made inspired bags. A couple months ago we (me and my online friend) found a really really great bags maker, a home industry based in Jogja. They produced good quality bags so one day one of the members forum made a proposition to get a custom made bag that looks like a longchamp cuir bag but with more functionability for us.
The basic design is the same with LC Cuir, but of course without a Longchamp logo on its flap, the long strap is made to adjustable, and we had various material for the lining, some use 'lurik' some use suede. I got mine in purple. Here's the picture...

the front of the bag

more of the bag...Collapse )

Milani Nail Lacquer: Pink & Proper

Have you read my post of my little haul a couple days ago here?
Well, I finally got the chance to try the Milani Nail Lacquer on my nails, yeah...since yesterday I got my monthly freedom, teheee.... it's pink and proper nail polish people, so you'll have some sweet pink tone with this nail polish, and believe me it's beautiful! I don't regret choosing Milani as my first ever nail polish since I was 9, haaaa...
Here goes the swatches...Collapse )

End of August Little Haul

To tell you the truth I was actually preparing a post on my bags journey. But this arrived at my office just yesterday. So I thought I want to show you just a little peek on my little haul. This time around though, I didn't buy much, well I wished I could buy more but alas, what can a peasant like me afford, eh?
So, here they are, my end-of-august little haul.

the little babies

From the front left to right: Milani Nail Lacquer Pink & Proper, I've tried this and believe me the pink is really pretty! It was thanks to my friends when we lived in dorms, they introduced me to the wonder of nail polish, and it's great that I found such a high quality polish like Milani at such a cheap price. I'll update this post with a swatch. Next, is Bath and Body Works newest variant mini Paris Nights and Paris in Bloom. And the front left is a Lactic Acid 88% that I'll used for my DIY lotion. The second row from the left is two BBW White Citrus Sunflower that I got from sale, only $2 for a bottle, quite a steal for me. The blue tube is Walgreens Sunscreen SPF70 with Zinc Oxide and the black ones is Walgreens Sunscreen SPF70 for Sensitive Skin, they are @IDR150k+ at Jakarta's Watsons, got them @100k from po @preorderbymimo.

The Milani Nail Lacquer Pink & Proper, only $3.49 -> IDR74k from @preorderbymimo

The Milani Nail Lacquer Pink & Proper, only $3.49 -> IDR74k from @preorderbymimo
That's it! See you in my next post :)


A shopaholic means someone who loves to shop til drop. It doesn't entirely describe my shopping habit since  my shopping depends on how much I have on my wallet. This month is of course no exception. Everyone has their own way of spending money. Some choose to go travelling, some likes culinary adventures, and some others -like me, choose to buy beauty products.

Since I joined femaledaily forum, here I gained knowledge about womens things like skincare, beauty products and fashion. I was a chemical engineering undergraduate so I'm pretty much familiar with the ingredienst that were used in cosmetics and skincare products. And this makes me want to learn and experiment more. I've been making my DIY skin peeling for sometime now, and making my own lotion mix acid. As for product I use on my daily routine, I got it from a skin clinic at Kelapa Gading area since I also do skin treatment there. Since my daily creams were actually doctor's prescribed I want to slowly stop using them, hence I started looking for suitable products that will fulfill my needs. My skin problems include dull face, comedones, some acnes and pretty much dark skin. I need product that can brighten my skin as well as moisturizing it since I work in heavily air conditioned room.

Read more...Collapse )

Enno's 1st Culinary Adventure


Yesterday I've been lookin up on some Pinoy blogs talking about J.Co. Apparently this Indonesia's brand donut has opened some chain stores in Phillipine. I was genuinely surprise to know that this brand did actually come from Indonesia, hehh..who would have thought? Moreover, it is owned by the ever-so-popular hairstylist Johny Andrean, whose salons can be found every-freaking-where, hhaa!

Looking at the pictures of pretty donuts on those blogs got me craving for them. A short while back when I was still studying at the Dorm for my Basic Customs Course, we, the girls at girls dorm were often treated some free J.Co donuts by a senior. Thank you Mrs. Pipit!! And we do really enjoyed the delightful donuts. Personally, I like the signature donuts from J.Co, namely Alcapone.

Read more...Collapse )

Shopping...shopping and more shopping

I had holidays on Saturday and Sunday, and being the stay-at-home-type of girl that I am, I rarely go out. But apparently yesterday was an exception since I have to restock my sunscreen lotion (my last tube was taken by my mom, LOL) and I can only buy it at a clinic at Kelapa Gading area -I'll review the clinic asap. I took off from my dorm -yes, I live in a dorm right now, period, at 3pm, got there at 3.30 and directly go buying them. But when I was about to go home, I thought 'hey, you've come all this way, why don't you take a look for a bit at Kelapa Gading Mall?'. So I took steps accross and enter the Mall.

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For You...

I want to stay by your side for a while. to make up for our lost time.
to apologize for all the pain I caused on you. I know I wasn't the one and probably I'll never be.
but you were my lifeline the one that can make me truly smile and cry.
I never regret loving you, all I regret was that my love had caused you tears.
I learned my lesson, of what to be and what not to be.
if I can't be your lifeline, then I'll be your solace.

Honestly, I love you...so much that it hurts.
but it's just probably the sensitive selfish me speaking.
Right now all I want is for you to find your other half.
someone who can make you truly smile, like you showed me some years back
and I pray I'd be able to love someone again the way I do you
you've taken a piece of my heart I can never get back.
the fact was that I have never got over you.
I've moved on, but I couldn't get over you.
I tried, but it's useless, in the end it was only you.

You...the moody you, the funny you, the unique you, the honest you, the deepest you
like I said, there won't be enough words to describe you.
your sensitivity, your sense of humor, your dirty words, your sugarcoated phrase, your angry face,
your lost figure, your smile, and even your tears...
I wanted to embrace all of you, but it seems my arms aren't wide enough, are they?

You know? when you said how much I changed when you left, to tell the truth
it wasn't that I had a change of feeling, no, I loved you, I still did so much
but I was confuse, how should I show you?
I remember I asked you this, "how do you want me to love you?"
and you said, "just love me like you always have..."
I tried, you know I tried, I sent you messages, i tried to call
but you shut me out...everytime I saw you it was pain, seeing the hurt reflected on your face.
I know you lost your lifeline, and I was aware I could never replace her.
though my selfish self wanted to have you all for myself
but I knew my place and to this day I still do.

How could I treat you the same, when there's someone new by your side?
How could I touch you when I know it was no longer my place to be your solace?
Watching you hurts, hearing your empty laughs hurts,
so I thought I'd better leave...at that time it was the best choice I could take,
I didn't want to, but I had to.

Our story has never had a clear finish, there wasn't even a start to begin with was it?
so here I am now... trying my best, to make it all up to you,
I'm sorry if I nag too much, I apologize if I'm such a pain in the ass
to understand you, to keep you safe and to make sure you'll live a happy life.
that's what I'm trying to do
You know sometimes I feel like a mother to you
funny but it's true...

I'll stay til you find it, your new lifeline, someone who will love you more than I do
then if you want me to leave I'll definitely leave for good,
and I'll make sure that all you can see in my face is smile

thank you...
for letting me learn how it is to love


Pray for me guys!

Waiting for the dreadful day tomorrow. The last screening I have to pass to get a job at Indonesian Ministry of Finance. Please, pray for me and wish me luck! *bows*


between Jin and Jaejoong, who's better?

okay, I'll make this quick. Just want to ask you guyz, between Jaejoong and Akanishi, who's better in terms of talent and musicality??
For me, it's definitely Jaejoong! Why? In terms of power, control, technique and voice range Jaejoong is better, as in way better than Jin. Besides the color of JJ's voice is really unique.
So what do you guys think? Uhm, please don't compare their looks please. I know JJ had surgery but Jin also did something w/ his teeth no? So please leave comment objectively.
A/n, just a spur of the moment since a while ago I stumble on an fb account named 'jin is better than jj' or something. Oh please, those people need reality check!