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Bad decision?

Sometimes, many time if I'm being honest. I question myself, whether it was the many bad decisions, wrong choices or pure lack of lucks that caused what I'm feeling right now. A precious friend that I thought should have known me, that I thought should have known the way my mind works, turn out he didn't know me at all. No, it's not about me having any particular feelings for him. I knew from the start that he had a girlfriend who had became his wife by now. I didn't in the slightest ever want him for myself. It's just that...when you have someone you can confide your thoughts in suddenly furthering themselves away, it kind of feels all the friendship, the heated discussions and the mere memories looked so far and ages away.
What I regret was that, he never talked about it, he never asked or even mentioned it. In all honesty that was what hurt the most. And now I lost him as a friend, and I don't think we can go back to how we were before all this happened.