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Addicted to: Crocheting

As a continuation of my post yesterday, I've been buying yarns like crazy hahahaaa...well crocheting can somehow relieve my stress and reduce the level of anxiety (kegalauan) that I have. After my first success ordering from iceyarns.com, I've ordered more yarns from them. Right now I'm waiting for my orders to arrive.

Aside from that, I've also ordered some yarns from Lovelyarn Knits FB and poyenghobby.com. Lovelyarn Knits sells imported yarns such as Red Heart, Rozetti Montana and Aunt Lydia's Choice. Since I needed chunky yarn to make a beanie for a friend (a friend, ehh?), I chose Read Hear Super Soft yarn in navy and cream, the beanie has already been finished weeks ago, I'll probably take the picture and update this post later. Since I also want to try local yarn, I bought some from poyenghobby, their yarn is fairly cheap because I don't have to pay high shipping cost.

Oh, and I find some other local online yarn store again, here they are:

1. http://www.papiputshop.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/PapiputShop?fref=ts

2. http://www.mayacrafts.asia/
They sell high quality local yarn made of acrylic, cotton and wool. I'm planning to order from them, will update this post with a more detail review

3. http://www.iknitsomething.com/
They sell Hayfield Bonus DK yarn. Unfortunately as of now half of their stock are sold out.

They sell Caron Simply Soft yarn and Premier Cotton Fair yarn.

this store probably provide the widest selection of imported yarns in Indonesia, dunno if they'd are selling online, but I'll try to buy from them soon.

https://www.facebook.com/BolaBolaBenang/ or http://www.bolabolabenang.com/
They mostly sell yarns from Turkey like Rozetti Montana, Nako, Himalaya and Alize brand.

they sell chunky yarn from Onzie and some knitting tools


they sell Sirdar yarn, and crochet-knitting tools

I guess that's all for now, I'll update this post again with a picture of si mas' beanie and...probably some review of the yarns I bought.