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me & hobbies

For almost half a year I've been picking up some old hobbies back. Yes I came back to crocheting and...cooking. It wasn't unexpected for crocheting, but it is for cooking :p
I'm good with crochet, but not really so with cooking. I can make simple foods but not the complicated ones. I did some baking when I was still in college, but I didn't quite master the 'otang' yet. It was probably because there wasn't temperature control on it so it's hard to get the right temperature.
Right now, I'm obsessed with no bake cheesecakes and I've been trying to find ingredients to make one myself. But guess what? I couldn't find any creamcheese at the 3 big depaato that I visited, hmphhh!
I probably have to try Carrefour of Hypermart, well let's do it next Wednesday.
Oh...and I still have to post my iceyarns haul that finally arrived at my office last week. Also the kitchenwares I found here in Semarang. I still need to take some photos of things I bought.
Until next time :)