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A shopaholic means someone who loves to shop til drop. It doesn't entirely describe my shopping habit since  my shopping depends on how much I have on my wallet. This month is of course no exception. Everyone has their own way of spending money. Some choose to go travelling, some likes culinary adventures, and some others -like me, choose to buy beauty products.

Since I joined femaledaily forum, here I gained knowledge about womens things like skincare, beauty products and fashion. I was a chemical engineering undergraduate so I'm pretty much familiar with the ingredienst that were used in cosmetics and skincare products. And this makes me want to learn and experiment more. I've been making my DIY skin peeling for sometime now, and making my own lotion mix acid. As for product I use on my daily routine, I got it from a skin clinic at Kelapa Gading area since I also do skin treatment there. Since my daily creams were actually doctor's prescribed I want to slowly stop using them, hence I started looking for suitable products that will fulfill my needs. My skin problems include dull face, comedones, some acnes and pretty much dark skin. I need product that can brighten my skin as well as moisturizing it since I work in heavily air conditioned room.

I've been eyeing some popular brand skincare like Christian Dior, Lancome and Estee Lauder. Each of them has their own brightening skincare line. I've read some good reviews for Dior and Estee Lauder but not so much about Lancome. These three brands are top brands on the market, so the full size products cost ungodly expensive, and of course I couldn't afford them. I'm used to using low priced skincare from the clinic. I spend probably 125k for cleansing lotion, sunblock and night cream, it's really cheap compared to other clinic, but yes, as an adventurous girl of course i still want to try out otc products just to see if they meet their claim and my expectation as good as clinic products do. So, not being able to afford the fullsize products, I finally take drastic measures that is to buy the travel/mini size products. The place I frequently visit to buy original branded mini skincare product would be BestBuy Indonesia. They have pretty wide selection of branded skincare with affordable price. Bestbuy ID is currently conducting Lebaran Sale I got cheaper price here.

For my next OTC skincare experiment, I chose Christian Dior Skincare, particularly DiorSnow line. Heard pretty good things about this DiorSnow Skincare from one of the beauty blogger and though I have a humongous dislike towards the brand ambassador (yes, I hate SNSD/Girls Generation, so what?) I ignored my dislike and go with Dior.

DiorSnow Skincare Line Logo

I'm tight on budget this time around with Ied Mubarrak coming soon, that's one among the many reason I buy the essence/serums first and wait for next month to buy the creams.

DiorSnow Global White Reveal Duo consist of  Dior Capture Totale One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum Diorsnow D-NA Control White Reveal Day Essence, in the plastic wrap the black ones is DiorSnow D-NA Reverse White Reveal Intensive Concentrate Night and the white ones DiorSnow White Reveal Essence

The ingredients of the essence are

This is the ingredients of White Reveal Global set

I don't really know the difference between the Day Essence and Night Essence, but I think the night essence might have stronger actives since it is known that our skin regenerate the most at night.

The other products I include in my August haul would be this pinoy soap Kojie-san Skin Lightening Soap. From femaledaily and Skincaretalk forum, I've read that Philippino's products are good and their price is cheap which is rare to find here in Jakarta T_T. So, after reading the raves, about three weeks ago I place a custom purchase order of 3x2 packs of Kojie-san, and it's only yesterday that they arrived at my office doorstep.

The infamous Kojie-san Lightening Soap

The orange color reminds me of papaya soap, hmm...

This soap contain kojic acid, it is a substance that was first discovered in Japan as a by-product in the fermentation process of mating rice during the manufacturing of sake. It is now widely used in skincare/cosmetics product for its melanin inhibitor capability. In Philippines a bar of kojic acid is sold at PHP 50, or if you want cheaper price there's these 2 soaps packaged in 1 package only for PHP 80, since I ordered this soap via CP, it gets much pricier that's to be expected.

Okay then, that was the wrap up for my post today. Have a nice holiday and Happy Ied Mubarrak :)