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Enno's 1st Culinary Adventure


Yesterday I've been lookin up on some Pinoy blogs talking about J.Co. Apparently this Indonesia's brand donut has opened some chain stores in Phillipine. I was genuinely surprise to know that this brand did actually come from Indonesia, hehh..who would have thought? Moreover, it is owned by the ever-so-popular hairstylist Johny Andrean, whose salons can be found every-freaking-where, hhaa!

Looking at the pictures of pretty donuts on those blogs got me craving for them. A short while back when I was still studying at the Dorm for my Basic Customs Course, we, the girls at girls dorm were often treated some free J.Co donuts by a senior. Thank you Mrs. Pipit!! And we do really enjoyed the delightful donuts. Personally, I like the signature donuts from J.Co, namely Alcapone.

Work finished at 4.30pm, due to this month still being fasting months, we finish half an hour earlier. I took busway to PGC (Pusat Grosir Cililitan) -I'll be getting my J.Co donuts from the outlet there. Arrived at PGC at 5.00pm I lurked around the mall first. Initially I wanted to buy a pair of jelly shoes that has been so popular now a days. Too bad my feet is too tiny I couldn't fine the size that fits me. Come Maghrib time I had my early Dinner at AH Restaurant (apparently AH = American Hamburger), I've wanted to try this restaurant for so long but it always seemed to be really crowded. Well, when I got there it was crowded too but the waitress managed to find a table for me, yeyy! This restaurant is located accross the halte walk at PGC east wing?? *sorry I'm bad with direction, the area is not too big therefore and with many people wanting to have a meal there it always looked packed with people.

The signature menu at AH is its Sirloin steak, unfortunately I didn't really want something heavy to eat for dinner. So I ended up ordering Chicken Fried Steak and a glass of lemon tea. Here's what I got, tadaa...

Chicken Fried Steak complete with French Fries and some veggies, yummy!

The chicken is, uhmm...moderate size I guess, since I've had pretty bigger chicken steak at other restaurant. But nevertheless I got so full after finishing this meal. As for the taste, I think it's pretty good, the sauce is delicious and as you see above they are generous in giving it oh, and the chicken is soft enough so it's easy to slice and chew it. For a package of the steak and iced lemon tea, I pay about 40k, well it's not expensive considering how the inflation has been going on.

the sneaky me managed to snap a pic of family dining @AH restaurant o_o

Continuing with my initial purpose..let's have a coffee time!! J.Co Donuts & Coffee is located at the back of PGC near the halte walk. I always love hanging out at J.Co though mostly I go there alone. The ambience is pretty calm, and I can have my coffee relaxingly while browsing through the internet with my mobile phone. They offer free wi-fi here, so we can bring tablet or even notebook and have free internet access. Like any other J.Co outlets, it's divided into three counters, one for displaying the many kinds of donuts, one for cold yoghurt and variety toppings and the last is for beverage. I ordered a dozen of donuts for take away. My fave J.Co donuts, Alcapone, was still fried when I ordered, so I have to wait and during waiting I ordered hot Jcoccino, J.Co's sig' cappuccino it seems. Here at J.Co, you get a complimentary glazed donut when you order a cup/glass of beverage, here's my pretty Jcoccino..

see the pattern on the foam right there? It's pretty!

And this is the complimentary glazed donut

look how lonely it is going solo on the plain plate, hehee..

What I love about J.Co donuts was that they are not overly solid like Dunkin Donuts. The bread in J.Co donuts are always soft and sweet but not overly so to make us get 'enegg' feeling.

Have a bite with me, won't you :b

The seats and tables at J.Co cafe was dominated by woody furniture, and there is separated smoking area for smoking customers, seats outside the cafe are also available.

these were the display areas

Okay, now let's see the pretty donuts I grabbed!

the box in action first!

yes, it's nine delicious donuts!

In the above I said I ordered a dozen donuts, but I gave three pieces to the little girl who live next to my room, so it's only nine left on the box. I only orderd my favorites this time. from left above Choco Caviar Chocolate, Crunchy Crunchy (my 2nd fave), middle left two donuts with almond flakes on top -> the sigs' donut and my 1st fave Alcapone, bottom from left jacky chunk, heaven berry and Don Mochino. These are my lovely donuts!

Do you like donuts too? What's your favorite? Share with me, neee....